About Me

As a Senior Software Engineer with more than 10+ years of experience working on multiple technologies and domains, I have grown and learned a lot from where & when I started. I make it a point on a daily basis to acquire new knowledge and try something new as part of my office projects and my side projects on Github.

My Journey

I started as a Consultant with SMEs helping with their online presence and digital marketing slowly transitioning toward Pre Sales & Post Sales Role as a Business Analyst working on Medium to Large Enterprise applications. I started a company in 2010, providing software services bootstrapping marketing sites by hiring a couple of senior engineers, and started training students on different technologies.

This went on for more than a year and then I had to shut shop due to the bad economy.

Being a small-time entrepreneur helped me gain a lot of business & domain experience working with various companies as a freelance analyst and then I started providing other services like Project management as a Consultant for more than 3 years. I should have stayed on the path and built a career out of management handling the business side of things.

But like many others, I wanted to transition to an Engineering role building things from scratch. With my previous brief stint as a trainer, I was able to find my first job as a UI developer and the journey continued to the present date.